Friday, April 18, 2008

Free Ride

Saturday was by far the best weather day we had while I was in Seattle. It ended up being 82 degrees and sunny. Yes. The sun was present in the city of Seattle, Washington. It was glorious day. And then I left the house. As soon as I got out of the car, I decided I needed to go to an ATM. Being the, *ahem*, dumbass that I am, I forgot, yes FORGOT to take my debit card out of the machine. Typical really. Luckily it was the kind of machine that sucks your card back in so that nobody can swipe it. I didn't notice it was gone until 2 or 3 hours later. In the mean time, I spent $45 at Sephora on bronzer and a brush, got blisters on my heels and went up the Space Needle. I had to pee in the space needle and of course the line was long. Now, some of you know about how I can get purturbed at slow bathroom users when the utilities are obviously in high demand. See: contest at outdoor festival port a potties and timed peeing contest between friends. So I was hurrying. Yes. sigh. I wanted to impress the person behind me by peeing faster than he had ever experienced. I want people to like me and I will use any tools I possess. In the process of speed peeing, I neglected to retrieve my Sephora bag from the hook on the back of the bathroom door. I didn't notice that this was missing for about 90 minutes. After the discovery, I was able to finagle a free ride back up the Space Needle to retrieve said bag, only to have to wait in line AGAIN, and then not find it. I come back down and leave name and number with a service station, where P pulls her sephora bag out of her purse to show the worker, when, the lady behind us in line exclaims, "Hey! I saw a bag JUST like that upstairs in the bathroom, about 20 minutes ago!" I look at her in disbelief. I was just up there 10 minutes ago. If I only would have remembered sooner, I would be all bronzed and Brazilian looking, and probably hanging off of my new hot boyfriends muscley arm.

And, this, my friends, is the story of my life.

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Karlie said...

can you update your blog please? i need something to read at work. thank you.