Sunday, November 2, 2008


The structure of my life at the present time is almost exactly like that of an middle school student on summer vacation. I live with a couple older than me, I have no way to get around, I basically have no responsibilities, no place to be.... It's almost an exact duplication of my life 10 years ago. I play with the dog (some might call it torture, but we would need to check the definition of that), watch TV, waste time online (this is new, but wasting time sure isn't), and eat way too much. This situation was depressing for a while, not being a contributing member of society, instead being a semi recluse. But that feeling is wearing off. Now I just want to lay around with nothing expected of me. Kind of. I guess I know this will end quite abruptly on Saturday, when I have to be up and out of the house before 7am, to spend 18 hours in transit. Then, a REAL job.

I am supposed to be writing up a summary of my two 'break-out sessions' from the leadership conference last month for the evangelism committee at church. But, I don't want to. As corny as this sounds, I know that when that's done and submitted, they won't have any use for me anymore. I will have done my job, and I will be free to go. Nobody will have a reason to talk to me.

I am kind of kidding, but I wasn't a couple of hours ago when I was actually working on the paper and started this post. It's possible though. I'm not really sure why they want to talk to me anyway... WAIT. Why do you want to talk to me/read this post? Oh geez. I gotta stop.

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hautepocket said...

Enjoy your time off before things get crazy! At least you know that you have a job once your vacation is over. :)