Saturday, November 1, 2008

Because I might be masochistic

So, I know I have written about this before, but, I really enjoy accentuating or enticing a mood with music. Basically, I can make myself feel really crappy, really quickly. Or, to put it another way, music can force me to confront how I truly feel quite easily. I just subject myself to it to get out of the denial loop.

This is my playlist for this 'trip', which anchors me in emotion and reminds me exactly what I am doing.

Adventures in Solitude - The New Pornographers
All Will Be Well - The Gabe Dixon Band
Brand New Colony - The Postal Service
Capturing Moods - Rilo Kiley
Chicago - Sufjan Stevens
The Circle Game - Joni Mitchell
Do You Realize? - The Flaming Lips
Everything Reminds Me of Her - Elliot Smith
Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple
Far From Home - The Gabe Dixon Band
Fearless - Gerald Collier
Forever My Friend - Ray LaMontagne
Here For Now - Ani DiFranco
High and Dry - Radiohead
Keep it Together - Guster
Melt Your Heart - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
Not As We - Alanis Morissette
Sing - The Carpenters
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own - U2
Urge For Going - Joni Mitchell
Wisconsin - Bon Iver
With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley

Some of these songs are supposed to make me feel bad about leaving things behind, some of them are supposed to encourage me, some (like the U2 song) make me scared. I might post some of the lyrics from these songs and try to explain what they mean to me, but, not tonight! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


Ginger said...

You're self destructive and sick. Do you want to be crying for 9 straight hours?

artichokeshavehearts said...

This is artichokeshavehearts, and I approve of Jen's playlist. :) Might as well be honest about how you're feeling.