Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cross that one of the list

So - 'the trip' has seemed far off and dreamlike because of all of the things that were to come before it. Like - Seattle. Like - the election. Like - my birthday. Fun days, things to look forward to, to put before that long flight to my new home. Tomorrow, I put a big fat check mark next to the last milestone.

*deep breath*

I sent out an email update to 33 people yesterday and started getting some real email back. I will wholly admit that 90% of the reason I sent out the email was to get some sort of communication from 'back home'. This is happening after 10 days of being gone. The only way that I will be able to get through this in one piece will be to convince myself that I don't need anyone and that I never did. THIS IS ONE GIANT LIE THAT I WILL TELL MYSELF TO KEEP MY SANITY. I promise I love you, but I have to pretend that you don't exist to keep moving forward.

Unless I can find a balance. That would be nice.

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