Saturday, November 8, 2008

I don't like this.

This is much harder than I expected. I have probably walked 3 miles pulling 100lbs of luggage and carrying another 30 or so. Alarm clock didn't go off this morning, woke up half an hour late. Forgot to print out confirmation sheet - HELLA hassle. Haven't eaten since 6:30 this morning. Very very tired.

Started crying (and again now) when on the phone with the US Cellular customer service lady after she said that my phone would be canceled as soon as I got off the phone with her. I was thinking 'no! I am not done yet! I need to talk to my people.' But alas, I don't really. I don't have time. But, she is canceling it tomorrow anyway, not today.

I am 24 years old, sitting in an international airport terminal and I can't stop crying. Sad sad sad. I will let you all know when I get there. Love you.


Q said...

Hang in there! We're thinking of you!!

hautepocket said...

I'm glad you made it safely. I hope you're liking the new apartment and finally getting some sleep. Keep us updated! Love you!

hautepocket said...

P.S. Congratulations on being far more ballsy than I!

staticmonkey said...

I love you Friend! Keep your chin up!

Ginger said...

I'm so excited for you, just think, as of right now your life is so much cooler than mine in every aspect imaginable.
Love you friend!