Thursday, September 27, 2007


What's worse than starting a new job and not knowing how to do anything? Being employed at the same job for a year and a half and still feeling incompetent. Today I was in the Kitchen, and I always feel like a new employee there. I don't know where anything is, I don't know a lot of the procedures for things there, and I am not really close with the other employees. But, for some reason, I am expected to know all of this, because I have done this for 18 months. Nobody seems to remember that it was in a completely different setting, and when there are that many things to memorize their exact location, it takes a long time to remember it all. And I get to remember it all in TWO places, cause I am awesome like that. I probably won't be back to the kitchen for a while because they will need me in Madison. I actually like the pace of Lake Mills, I like that I am not by myself and that there are things to do that aren't exactly the same thing that I did every day before.

I got my hair cut on Monday! I really like it. It's shorter, curly and has new highlights. You'll have to come check it out. Spend some quality time, yo.

That didn't work. I was trying to get over this anxiety from work by talking about my hair. So now, on to relaxation on my bed. Calm....

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The Cadwells said...

you never called me back last night!