Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week Eraser

Living weekend to weekend hasn't been that bad so far. Not since sophomore year in high school have I had the pleasure of having weekends free. And then I still had show choir and other commitments that were occasionally on the weekends. These last couple of days has been pretty great. Stress free, relaxing, yet productive. What more can I ask for? Also, both the Badgers and the Packers won, so yay.

I feel much less upset about the friend drama now. Thank you so much. It worried me so much, and I know not everything is worked out, but at least some progress has begun. I know that I can't go back to how things were this last winter, but hopefully things aren't going to be so awkward!

Next Saturday is Cranfest! And I am so excited. I haven't been back in a couple of years, and it's not like its the most exciting thing in the world, but it's something interesting to do near my hometown, and this year, FRIENDS want to come with me. Yay! We are staying at my dad's house, playing games, chilling out and of course going to the 'fest. Friends can meet my voice teacher and see where I come might explain some things. :) sigh. Should be a good time, and I can't wait.

Having fun things to look forward to on the weekend really helps you forget about how boring your week is. And was. It works both ways, it gives me a clean slate to start my Monday with.
Celebrating the weekend (and autumn!),

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