Monday, July 2, 2007

What is summer? -or- Why do I seem so happy?

So, I couldn't decide what to title this post as, so it is what it is.

On my moped ride home tonight from another awesome dinner with friends, I started thinking about how happy I was (even though I was slightly afraid of being mugged because it was 12:30, and besides the fact that I was FREEZING). It's summer, and it's good. It's a huge surprise actually.

Everything's not perfect, of course, but just knowing that I have friends who want to do things with me, and having fun, and laying in the grass, and watching movies...sigh, it's making me happy. I may have lowered my standards (and added an antidepressant), but if it makes me happy, so what, right? Tonight was the third night in a row that I didn't make it home until after 12:30, even with no responsibilities or real excuses for being up that late, I actually was socializing. Big step.

On to the things that mean summer to me:
  • Corn on the Cob
  • BLTs with fresh ripe tomatoes
  • Potato packets
  • The smell of sunscreen
  • The smell of bug spray
  • Fireflies (or lightning bugs, if you will)

I am so excited that I might get to go camping next weekend! This is a miracle, the fact that I am excited. Litterally a month ago, the mention of camping made me instantly anxious. After laying outside in the grass all day, I think I can handle sleeping in a tent. Which I am going to buy, if Sue says she can work for me on Saturday. :) Here's to hoping she will.

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