Monday, July 2, 2007

Retail therapy

I spent a large amount of money today!!! But I got some fun stuff. For instance: A tent. The Vector 22 from North Face, for only $259. Ha, only. I also got a Thermarest: for $49, and a stuff sack to put it in for $11. So I spent $335 today, and I liked it.

So I hope I get to go camping this weekend! Sue is going to call if I have to work, but she said she most likely can work for me... totally exciting. I also hope that it is a relaxing, rather than anxiety producing, event. I am going to make my potato salad that I love, and that most other people like too (but patsy won't, not with all that mayo in it). I want to swim and play and relax and have fun, instead of being bored and alone at my stupid job. Only time will tell. :) I am almost tempted to set up my tent in the living room and sleep in it. It might be good practice. Or just a fun time.

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Patsy said...

DO IT, camping inside is FUN! In undergrad we pitched our tent in my dorm room, opened all the windows, turned on a sound machine to make it sound like we were out in the woods and used was up for about 3 weeks. Some of the best memories!

And MAYO is the DEVIL!