Thursday, July 19, 2007

Looking up

Today I realized that my shoulder felt less like someone was stabbing me with a red hot fire poker every time I moved. So that's an improvement.

I called my job possibility to see if they had made any decisions, and nobody answered... or called me back. I am going with 'no news is good news'. Maybe tomorrow. There's always that.

I ran again today with Patsy. It felt much better than the first time, which I am way happy about. I know, I have only been out twice now, but any kind of positive reward I can get will help me at this point.

Today at work, people wanted chocolate. Inconceivable, right? All. day. long. Sometimes I don't understand WHY I have to help them, besides the whole getting paid thing. The Bourne Identity was good though. I had seen it before, but didn't feel I gave it the attention it needed, so I watched it at work. :) Tomorrow: The Bourne Supremacy. Hey, ya gotta watch them both before The Bourne Ultimatum comes out August 1st! I also don't have to work on Saturday now, so Patsy and I were talking about maybe going hiking... let me know if there is interest! There are new capris to be worn.

I suppose... sleep will be a good thing for tomorrow's 8am workout. I might get up early enough to watch the start of tomorrow's stage in La Tour de France! Night all!

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