Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter week

This week has blown by! I thought it would drag out and be awful, but really, it has been quite good. One more day of busy work before it's all over. Today wasn't wonderful, I made the boss mad and I felt ill most of the time. This too shall pass. I have successfully drugged Andrea and Nathan's cat 3 times now. I am quite proud of myself, he he. Once more and I am home free. But to think, I used to be very afraid of cats, now I am forcing pills down their throats...

I have been sleeping more than usual, and I haven't gotten much homework done. That might be why I have enjoyed my break, but who really cares? It's spring break! Some people do NO homework this whole week, so I am ahead of them at least.

I have been convinced to go home tomorrow night. I didn't want to, but my mom talked me into it. It sounds like they want to see me. Geez. Happy Easter, everybody.

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