Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sleep: my drug of choice

Because of reasons unknown, my favorite thing to do lately is sleep. It might be because of stress, the drugs I am taking or a change in my general sleeping habits. Regardless, I am sleeping much more than I used to. And by used to I mean like a month ago. All I want to do right now is go to bed. This makes things hard because I can't get anything done during the day because I am so busy, but I can't get anything done at night because I just want to sleep. So basically, I can't get anything done. I am sure that it doesn't help that I am busy practically every minute that I am awake. But anyway, enough of this crap. On to something new.

Last night I got cold feet about next year. I was having such an awkward, annoying day that I was truly afraid that I really might make my friends hate me. I was dumb yesterday. Awkward is the perfect word for it, but I already used it once. I might be becoming more self conscious now. Not good, not good at all. Whatever. Ugh. Do most people get seriously annoyed with themselves and their own quirks? Cause I do. And I feel like apologizing to everyone around me. If I am annoyed, I figure they must be too. This makes me want to isolate myself so that I can spare the world of my ridiculousness.

I know that this goes back on my word from post one. I was going to be upbeat only, but this just isn't really possible right now. Sorry guys.


Andrea said...

I was thinking about it and you might be tired because of the ridiculously nasty jungle viruses going around...or because you have senioritis...or because you are scared about what will happen next in your life. Thanks for blogging :)

Pat said...

Hey, from what I can see you dont have any annoying quirks. They are something unique that make you...well you:) Everybody always gets scared of the future here and there. It happens. Just got to plan a little bit and see what comes. SO far it seems you are doing great with that. Well on to the sleep thing, yea I love to sleep too. And I do it way to much. It might be just cause of all this crazy weather in april. Anyways Just keep them happy thoughts and a smile on ur face and everything will be okay:)