Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The Banff film festival was absolutely amazing tonight. Basically it's a winning collection of short to short-ish films about 'mountain culture'. I saw people solo rock climbing on islands in Tahiti, bikers flying down mountains, and a 5,000+ mile bike trip over mountians, desert and urban areas in Asia.

There was one film, about 10 min long that I literally felt like I didn't want to blink, and I was frozen. There was no narration, just absolutely amazingly beautiful views and alternative angles of looking at mountains and all that coexist with them. Brilliantly beautiful music filled the whole movie. I loved it personally.

There was also one about these hooded (somethings) ducks hatching in Northern Minnesota... at 20 hours old they have to jump out of their nest! They dive from 20 feet in the air and into the water. Let me tell you now. Cute has hell. Seriously. But I do love ducks. I might be biased.

Anyway, I should get stuff done, but NO. I want to sleep instead, sucker. Hope everyone else had as good of a night as I did!

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