Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Without the Internet, September 2nd, 2008

Visited Q today. I knew when I began dialing that there was the distinct possibility of the experience being awkward, but I decided to chance it. Called around noon to see if her family was in town, even though I should have known that they would be since it was the first day of school. Q would have to work, Emily would have to GO to school.

We chatted about the usual chatty things – the weather, politics (which I will always avoid talking about with everyone. Including Q. And you. Don’t even try it), we shared the new things in our lives. It wasn’t awkward at all. Emily gave me a tour of the house and we picked out clothes for her to wear at school the next day. When I was getting ready to leave, Q shared some very kind words with me. I had forgotten how happy it used to make me to spend time with Q. Maybe that’s why I was always around in high school; twice a week at show choir rehearsal and at her house, either babysitting or taking voice lessons. She seemed genuinely happy that I came over too. Things went so splendidly, we might meet up at her family’s lake house this weekend or next. YAY!

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hautepocket said...

I support lake houses. Also, did they move?