Thursday, September 4, 2008


So... I missed the Democratic National Convention. Actually I saw about 30 seconds of it before bawling because my dad made some offhanded comment about it and 'those fuckers'...yeah. I have seen conventions before though, and I am currently watching John McCain speak at the RNC. I admit that everyone running is quite charismatic. If we are to blindly agree with whoever is speaking, then great! Vote for everyone! But someone is lying, and there is half a country who's buying it.

Conventions freak me out. The way I see them, from the calm comfort of my living room, they look like meetings of cults. The close ups of the attendants. Average looking people absolutely crazed by what someone is saying. Really? You are THAT excited? They all look like brainwashed idiots, on both sides. Wide eyes, huge smiles, jumping, screaming! Skeptics must not be allowed in the door. I guess it wouldn't be as moving to see people squint and golf clap when a nominee makes an iffy statement.


hautepocket said...

That's interesting because I actually had a similar thought about the RNC resembling a cult.

staticmonkey said...

I can't watch them anymore. I'm sick of all the pandering. I don't want to hear it anymore. I have read what I want to know about the candidates (both sides) and have made my choice. It will take a BIG boo boo to shake my confidence now.