Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weak week

So far, this week has been pretty stupid. I mean, it's cold and rainy, I have to work like a person with a job, everyone is gone due to what is commonly known as 'spring break' (whatever the fuck that is), and more recent events have made all of this even worse. My 87 year old Grandpa is now in the hospital, initially due to pneumonia, but now he has had a heart attack on top of this, after being admitted. My dad is coming home from Iraq tomorrow to be with him, which doesn't bode well in my book. Ugh. I can't even make any of this sound witty or entertaining. Lame. I might have to go up to the Appleton area this weekend, and not to sound selfish, but this is my first three day weekend, like, EVER. I was not hoping to spend it in a hospital. To add to the sadness that is this post. Here is a picture of me and my grandma and grandpa.

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