Sunday, March 2, 2008

The one in which I apply

And I did it. I applied. Payed my $200 (non refundable application deposit), filled out the form, hit submit-twice- and ta da! I am an applicant to another school. I still have to write two, very dumb, essays, but I have those outlined too. So I will write those soon and submit them. I am surprised with myself, and this sudden change in my official status in the world is exciting. I am actually going to try and do this.

I ran today. And it was challenging in more ways that one. First, I haven't been running since probably October or November, so my body was like... wait a min, you want to do what?! Oh, that. Maybe, we'll see. And because it's March, in Wisconsin, the sidewalks were a lovely mixture of ice and water. Sometimes a combination of both (or either in an extreme fashion) was bad enough for me to have to turn around and backtrack, find an alternate route around or walk slowly through it.

Church went well. I was invited to join the choir. This makes me excited and embarrassed. I am afraid people will go, 'hey, why's that new girl up in the choir already?' or, to maintain consistency in what I assume people are thinking about me, 'who does she think she is?'. That might sound stupid, but I don't want it to seem like I am jumping in and should be... allowed(?) to do all the things that the people who have been there forever are doing. Oh, whatever. I know I am over-thinking it. The choir has more men than women, and only one soprano. I was practically begged by the director (who is maybe two years older than me) to join them next Sunday, just because of my sex and voice part. I hope I can still sing soprano. Wouldn't that be the pitts? Oh, I probably can, I just need a little vocal stretching.

Overall, a productive, positive day. Go me.

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Karlie said...

Running? Gross. Proud of you? Yes. Choir? YAY!/jealous.