Monday, March 10, 2008

To jump

So….I have turned in my application to the Madison Teacher Training Program, payed the $200, written the two essays, and submitted them. The ball is rolling toward my living abroad sometime later in the year. Unfortunately, I have had these feelings that I am making this decision too quickly, or that it is too big of a move to make. I am actually worried that good things might happen that will make me want to stay here. What if I finally get into a good relationship with a guy? What if I get too attached to my church (it could happen, I get attached to many, many things.) What if I am offered a job that I would have to turn down to use the opportunity I will have worked and paid for?

I can't live my life hoping that something will come up and make me happy where I am though, so I am just going to keep moving this forward. I want to Jump.

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