Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Yes, no, maybe so

I'm sorry.

Now that that's out of the way, let me waste my time. I have an exam tomorrow, but I am tired. And I just don't want to participate in the educational process anymore.

Today I was the lead teacher at Head Start. I loved it and I wasn't too bad. I love those kids, seriously, I am going to be sad to see them go at the end of the year. That might be a bad thing, getting too attached, but I think it enables you to really give everything you have in helping them. At least if that is your job. With me it's just kind of sad. For a visual, there is me reading a book about the moon to the cuties.

And here's Tony.... Yeah, he is the most challenging child at the center, but when you get on his good side its just so much fun. Ok, I admit it, I love little kids. I can't help it.

After that, I went to do a presentation on my internship, that I spent about 20 minutes preparing for. Yeah, wasn't pretty, but it's over, so, that's what I am focusing on.

Back to the exam stuff. I wish you well.

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