Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Meine Schulter tut mir weh. Warum?

Hey yall. the mystery has been solved. Early this morning I had my MRI. That was really weird, and I am so happy that I didn't let myself freak out in there, because I was close. Those tubes that they put you in are so much smaller than I expected. I swear the 'ceiling' was 3 inches from my face, and I was touching it on both sides with my arms right on top of my body. It reminded me of the beginning of the Space Mountain ride at Disney World, where there are all these lights in rows, blinking to make it seem like you are going faster than you actually are. It wasn't too similar, but the recognition of something positive helped, so I went with it. Laying in that machine without moving for almost 40 minutes really made my shoulder start hurting. I was not happy about that, or the fact that my eyebrow itched and there was no possible way for me to scratch it, the tube was too small, and my arm was velcroed to my body. Sigh. But I made it!

I got the results today while I was in the library. Apparently I have both tendinitis and bursitis. So I have some swelling where there shouldn't be any. It's not too big of a deal, with the worst case scenario being that I will have to have some sort of drugs injected into my joint. While this doesn't sound pleasant at all to me, I will take that over surgery any day. And I know I will have to ice the crap out of it, so I bought a new ice pack. And rest. Lots of being nice to my shoulder. Read: no paddling for a while. That's sad, but I guess I can deal with that more than near constant pain. But it really is a close race between those two alternatives. lol. I will for sure ask about how long it should take. I am still shooting for the Chicago River seakayaking trip on June 3rd, but that might be ambitious.

I got Theresa to carry my clothes down the stairs today because I knew there was no way for me to do it without hurting myself. Do you know how much you use your shoulder every single day?! A LOT.

Oh well. I am going to get back to actually accomplishing things. My motivation waxes and wanes, or something (comes and goes). So I have to use it while it is here.


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Patsy said...

Yah hooray! No Surgery. You just need to listen to the Dr. and take it easy!