Monday, December 15, 2008


I have crazy crazy dreams. I believe that everyone does, but somehow I remember them better or more often than most people. And, well, I like to share.

I dreampt last night that I was told that I had been adopted when I was little. Some random, 30 something lady with short, wavy dark brown hair was telling me that she was actually my mom. It's amazing how devistated I was. This meant that I wasn't actually related to my mom or sisters AT ALL. And who the hell was this lady? I told her she looked much too young to have had a child 24 years ago and her response was 'I am a woman'. Right, that makes a ton of sense. There was definately a baby in the dream as well, not sure whose it was, but it was really cute. Also... Something to do with some people in my family being in a really tall tree and not being able to get down.

Does anyone out there have the secret to having NORMAL dreams?


artichokeshavehearts said...

I don't know. Definitely not me. My dream last night consisted of little red bugs biting people and making them into zombies. No joke.

Urn said...

Maybe skip the strange Russian beer right before bed?

hautepocket said...

No idea. Last night Kent Cain's dad tried to convince me to undergo a surgery (for what, I have no idea) with a 0% survival rate. Zero percent. I was shot in the stomach two times following. It was great.