Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ok ok, I admit it

I am fucking desperate. I tried sending a plee to some people via email two days ago, and I got a response from one person. My aunt. Not even my best friend who would have to walk 2 blocks (for $10 profit) will help me. No one here will be bothered enough to help me either. I don't think people understand. If I can't find a way to send money home, I will have to COME HOME. It isn't like I haven't tried to find a way to get money home. I am working my ass off over here. Like, litterally. Why should ANYTHING take 4 full days to do? And then it still doesn't work? Bullshit.

I am throughly confused, frustrated and hurt by the whole situation. It isn't like I am stupid, I am just underequipped for this. As in, I don't speak the language, so, I need someone to go with me to the stupid Western Union office, one time. Just once, so that I can figure it out, and then it will work. Well, and I need someone in the states to pick up my money to put it in my bank account, but right now that is looking like it might not happen. Do you all want me back that badly? Or, do you really just not care if this works out for me or not? This is all I have been thinking about, money, for the past 2 weeks. It's just shit is what it is. Everyday I have tried, and have been brought to tears by the impossibility of me getting anything done here. I would say 'by myself', but its looking more and more like that's how I have to do everything here, so saying that would just be redundant.


andrea s said...

what do you need? Can I help yo

Patsy said...

I unfortunately have been freakishly busy, as in I don't have a free evening in over a week. Do you need me to do it? Let me know.

staticmonkey said...

Well, I certainly haven't gotten an email, otherwise I would have offered my services. What needs to happen?

hautepocket said...

Jenny, I'm not really sure where you get the impression that I wouldn't help you. Not only did I message you to let you know that there is both a Western Union and US Bank within walking distance of my office, I also sent you a link with the location address and telephone number. I'm not sure what else I was supposed to do. I haven't read blogs for like a week now, and had no idea you were even upset about this. I recall saying that Western Union is a pain in the ass...but that's because it is. Helping you is not a pain, it was a statement about the nature of Western Union here-they are scary and gross. You know I will help you. I'm sorry if that wasn't more clear..I do, however, wish you had just emailed me.

Jen said...

1. I only emailed those people who probably had both a US Bank and a western union, which is why my dad didn't get an email either.

2. Hp, check your email.

3. I needed to vent about the whole situation, and that's what this blog is for.

4. Still not entirely sure what is going to happen with the $, but I have someone who is going to come with on Sat, she needs to try it too. So, we will see after that.