Friday, March 27, 2009

Part two from the fort

So, things have gotten pretty strange around these parts. I think it's pretty much a done deal that two of the teachers are leaving here in a month, which is about two months earlier than their contract allows. These two teachers happen to be the two people I have lived with since I got here...Once again, things will be changing and I will feel like the helpless dimwit that I am. Hence, watching multiple episodes of Cheers from an indoor fort. Is normal.

This weekend should be pretty good, but I already feel overextended. That's not a good feeling, but hopefully the events that I overextend myself with will be enjoyable. Tomorrow I am going to the market, planning for the trip to Moscow and attending a Russkie Stol at my flat. Sunday I am going snowboarding again! That sounds exciting, but it also means a whole day where I don't get to sit at home in my pajamas doing nothing. Must get over that. I really want to run, but it is just too cold, I think. I just need a good running sweatshirt. I would just go buy one, but I know that I shouldn't anyway, since snowboarding will be enough exercise for some time and I don't want to be sore for it.

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